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May 18, 2004

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Snape, MWPP. What might have been.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: Written for the snape100 "AU Prank" challenge.

Snape hurried along the passageway. He remembered what Sirius said and considered transforming, but it was difficult to fly in an enclosed space.

At the entrance at last, he cautiously pulled himself up.

Lights flared, blinding Snape for a moment. He raised his wand and blinked, trying to be ready.


Someone pounded Snape on the back. "Thought we'd forgotten, Grip?" James said.

"Come and eat," Remus said. "We've got the best on offer."

"Happy birthday!" Peter held out a lumpy parcel.

Sirius put his hand on Snape's back. "I'll give you my present later, Sev," he said and smiled.


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*does first comment dance*
It took me twice through to take it all in, and it's an interesting concept. I've always wondered what the hell James's problem was with Sev. The five of them coulda been cool together.

Shikala @ September 07, 2004

It's happy, but it made me want to cry. I think it's sad that Severus never really had real friends in school.

Jumato @ February 13, 2005

*grin* me likey.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

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