I Love To Go A-Wandering

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May 2, 2004

Categories: Lord of the Rings, Slash

Rating: PG.

Fandom/Spoilers: Lord of the Rings. Movies and books.

Summary: Merry/Pippin. Le camping.

Disclaimer: Tolkien, not me.

Notes: Written in 50 minutes for the contrelamontre Vacation challenge. Pre-quest.

"Is the fire going yet?"

"No, Pippin, it is not. I'm having a bit of trouble with it."

"Why? You can build a fire at home all right."

"It's harder out in the open. The wind keeps blowing out the sparks before they can catch. Did you get the water?"

"Yes, but I slipped on the stream bank and got my feet wet."

"I've had it. You try the fire for a while."

"No wonder this won't light. You need something better for tinder."

"Since you're the authority, you find something."

"I've already been out for water and all. You go look for some moss."

"I'll get the supper ready. You look."

"You're just lazy, Merry. Don't eat all the food without me."


"Did you find something?"

"No, all the moss and grass and sticks are damp. We'll have to do without a fire."

"What about the tea?"

"We'll just have to drink water."

"Why didn't you bring some ale, Pippin?"

"If you thought I was going to lug bottles of ale all this way in my pack for your benefit, you have an exaggerated view of your own importance."

"Eugh! This water is brackish."

"You should have brought some ale, then."

"What pack did you put the butter in?"

"I didn't. You were meant to sort that out."



"Yes, Pippin?"

"Do we have any food at all?"

"...some cheese...and bread...and apple cake...and bacon, but we can't eat that without the fire."

"We'll starve."

"It's all part of the adventure."

"Catastrophe, more like."

"I didn't think you would be so easily dismayed. What sort of Took are you?"

"The sort of Took who likes to be warm and well-fed."

"Well, let's eat what we have."

"Leave me some of that apple cake."

"Of course I will."


"Now for a smoke under the stars."

"I left my pouch in my pack. Hand it to me, Merry."

"Just a-- Oh, no."

"Did you have to knock over the entire bucket? The pipeweed is ruined!"

"I'll give you some of mine."

"All of yours."

"Be reasonable, Pip. Say, if pipeweed burns easily, we could use it to start a fire."

"I don't think that's a proper use for good pipeweed."

"No, let me try. I'll just use a handful."

"Pipeweed burns very well, Merry."

"Yes, Pippin."

"But the wood still didn't catch."

"No, Pippin."

"And now we have less pipeweed."

"It's a bit more like we have no pipeweed."


"I didn't have much left."

"Don't talk to me. I'm going to sleep.


"The ground is hard. And I'm cold. And I think a mouse just ran over my foot."

"Roll over here, Pip. There, how's that?"

"You're very warm. Here, move that way just a ... there, that's got it."

"You're rather round and soft, you know. You should take some exercise."

"I suppose you have something in mind?"

"Oh, perhaps."


"Sleeping rough isn't so bad, now, is it?"



"Don't lick my face, Merry!"

"I didn't lick you, I was doing this."

"Oh. Do that again."

"Like this?"

"Yes, just like that. Merry, you licked me again."

"I tell you, I did not lick you. Here -- now I've licked you. Happy?"

"Never lick me. But if you didn't before, then why is my face wet?"

"Perhaps you're weeping with joy."

"More likely tedium, from all this talk. Wait--"

"What was -- oh."


"Maybe it was just a few drops."

"Maybe you ate just a few pieces of apple cake."

"I like apple cake. Here, Pip, hold up this side of the blanket."

"Sleep out under the stars, you said. Get away from things for a while, you said. You'll be glad, you said."

"Stop pulling all the shelter over you! Water is running down my back!"

"This was a bad idea, Merry."

"For once I agree with you. From now on, it's a roof overhead and a down pillow for us. No more tramping about the country."


"How long could it go on raining, anyhow?"

"Merry, I'm cold."

"How's that then?"



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Oh, thank you again! I was looking through the titles as I was reccing your stories to a friend a realised there was a new one I hadn't read. Really nice. I just love the way you make Merry and Pippin sound just like Merry and Pippin =)

daisy @ June 02, 2004

That was really funny! You've done it again! Great story!

Em @ June 19, 2004

aww so cute, very in character, too! awesome writing

Clover @ June 27, 2004

Thanks for removing all of the non-queer comments
you suck-wad site controller! So if a comment is
negative, it gets removed, is that it?

Anarion @ November 30, 2004

I love all of your merry/pippin, (and your PoT fiction too, while we're at it) but I figured it'd be redundant to post on all of your stories so far down the line, so I'll just post this once.

Thank you very much for applying your talent in writing to Lord of the Rings, and thank you for sharing your stories with us, even though not all feedback has been positive.

:) I love your Pippin voice, because he sounds like himself, which is unusual in a Merry/Pippin fic.

Caitlin @ July 05, 2006

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