A Whole Year

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March 23, 2004

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Slash

Rating: PG13.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Crabbe/Goyle. A very special day.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 "one year later" challenge.

Goyle unwrapped his Christmas present. Gobstones, same as he'd got Crabbe.

"And, er." Goyle gave Crabbe a box of chocolates. "For ... you know."

"Yeah." Crabbe handed Goyle a red rose.

"I suppose we should ..." Goyle said. "A whole year and all."

"I guess." They gingerly pressed their lips together.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Draco's head glared out of the fireplace.

"We're gay," Goyle said. "A whole year and all."

"Since we woke up in that cupboard together." Crabbe wiped his mouth.

"You're not gay," Draco said. "Potter drugged you. Now come over."

"Thank Merlin!" Crabbe said and Flooed to the Malfoys.

Goyle put the rose under his pillow before he followed.


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its so amazing how you captured the essence of their stupidity and draco's aloofness in such a few words! I LOVE YOUR STUFF! drabble rocks, dont ever stop!

kharabeet @ April 09, 2004

How retarded can 2 guys be? Obviosly very !

marius @ May 19, 2004

How dumb can 2 guys be? Obviouslly very!

Marius @ May 19, 2004

Nice drabble. I wish I could convey so much with 100 words. -.-

Carolyn @ June 05, 2004


Annie @ June 27, 2004

Oh those poor boys...*giggle*

Inarae @ June 27, 2004

Such a wonderful lil drabble. Feel a bit sorry for Goyle there at the end though, stupid Malfoy. Crabbe seems rather happy. It feels like a lot more happened than you put in, I like that. ^_^ *wanders off to read more of your stories*

R. T. Mato @ August 30, 2004


Crabbe/Goyle slash normally makes me cringe, but you captured the essence of their characters amazingly well, and their romance seems to be quite plausible. Their stupidity really "shines" through. ^_~ Your portrayal of Malfoy is very apt as well.

And you did all of that in one short drabble. Amazing.

Wonderful job!

Hydrangea @ January 22, 2005

i <3 draco in this fic. "what the fuck are you doing?" i don't know why that line got me, but i cracked up.

hehehe to goyle. hehe.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

behehehehehhhhe. yay.

Garnet @ June 19, 2005

omfg. roflmao.

Hailee @ August 29, 2005

lol now that was fucking funny

dizzy @ November 06, 2005


Chance @ July 02, 2006

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