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February 8, 2004

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Het

Rating: PG.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Lucius/Mary Sue. True love.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hpsquick100 Mary Sue challenge.

Cordelia Constance Violet de Vere laid a gentle hand on Lucius's arm. "You have changed."

Lucius looked deep into her sapphire eyes and brushed a raven lock away from the alabaster skin of her heart-shaped face. "You have saved me," he said. "You taught me good. You taught me love."

She smiled brilliantly. Lucius slit her throat and caught the blood in a silver basin. Some splashed onto his robes and he swore. Obtaining the blood of a Mary Sue was the most tedious part of this potion.

But it was worth it to keep his hair so silky.


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BEYOND AWESOME!..i thought it would be him in love and then u made me so happy! lol... so mary sues, huh? ...i'll have to look into that :P

kharabeet @ March 07, 2004

Too funny, I loved the twist :)

@ April 24, 2004

Just when I thought nobody could write an enjoyable Mary Sue. Thank you.

@ May 17, 2004

awww, lucius is mean. haha

boom @ September 07, 2004

This one is pretty much as the title suggests: Perfection.

I'd love to read an expanded version. You're a great writer.

@ March 10, 2005

LMAO, as always with your badfics/crackfics.

elsie @ May 21, 2005

DUDE. You're awesome! You should be a PPC agent! XD

Helen @ September 12, 2005

Ah, fabulous! (Like Lucius's hair!) How had I not read this before?

semielliptical @ November 30, 2005

that was fun! me has always envied lucius's hair. hm, so that's his secret, eh? must try that for myself! *goes mary-sue-hunting*

Hana Rui @ December 06, 2005

evil,provocitive,funny, and vain AS HELL!!

avra @ July 11, 2006

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