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November 28, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Stories.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 Fairy Tales challenge.

Once upon a time, an old witch lived in a small cottage in the woods. Her house was made of gingerbread but it kept the rain off.

One day, two evil Muggle children came and began to tear the witch's house apart and eat it.

"Begone," she said, but they only laughed and tore off the roof.

So she cooked and ate them and she and her cat lived happily ever after.

"The end."

"Another," said Draco. "Another, or I shan't go to sleep."

Lucius sighed and turned the page. "Once upon a time, there was a poor hungry wolf..."


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queeneb @ December 09, 2003

YEA! the way stories should be told! go malfoys!

kharabeet @ March 07, 2004

I get it! haha! Funny!

Em @ June 07, 2004

Oh, man, this makes me laugh. Ah, bless Lucius. Telling little Draco bedtime stories. Oh, that is funny. Take care

Ervinai @ July 11, 2004

This is absolutely adorable. I can picture Draco perfectly, in Slytherin green pajamas and Lucius's slightly-annoyed look. Every old witch should always have a cat. ^_^

Kitsune @ July 18, 2004

lol. I am getting some very strange looks - as my histerical laughter continues to fill the room - from this as my obbsesion with fan fics takes over my life. And it was a good life. Now to spead the news of this site to all my now also obsessed friends. Wish I could write but I won't no need to torture all the nice peoples with my work when they can read yours. By the way due to my lack of laughter control you can now apprecate why I like depressing fics. *finally controls laughter and reads more fics*

fanficfinatic @ October 26, 2004

Lol it's 1.20 in the morining and I may have just woken up my entire family with my laughing. Brilliant. god i still can't stop laughing!

Pip @ February 13, 2005

Ah, this is sweet n______n

Lady Emmalord @ June 23, 2005

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