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November 7, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Slash

Rating: NC17.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Ron/Draco. Ron has always wanted.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Ron has always wanted to get his hands on Draco, always since the day they met. To knock him down, to make him cry. But it's different now and Ron doesn't know when things changed.

Now Ron wants to mark Draco's skin, not with his fists, but with his mouth, his nails. When Draco falls, Ron wants to fall on top of him, weigh him down, grind him into the dirt. When Draco cries, he'll cry for more, more, harder, please.

Ron wants to see Draco on his knees, lips around Ron's cock, eyes hot and pleading as Ron fucks his mouth, one hand twisted in Draco's colourless hair. Draco face down and sobbing as Ron rides him, hammers deep inside him, punishes him, Draco taking it all and begging for more. Draco on his back, head flung back, pale neck arching under Ron's teeth at his throat. Draco calling after him as Ron walks away. Please, he'll say, please don't go.

Ron stares at the back of Draco's head and clenches his hands into fists as he pictures this.

Then Draco turns around. Their eyes lock and Ron knows with a sickening certainty that it will be Draco's teeth at Ron's throat and there's nothing he can do about it. He looks away and hopes that when the time comes, he can stop himself from begging.


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hehehe that's right. Drcao's teeth not yours
that's evil
and good
and really cool story
luv ya lots for the stories you write

Raziel @ November 29, 2003

Ha! thats great! :)

Ember @ December 15, 2003

VERY well done- lovely twist and wonderful descriptions. Perfectly written!

Owlie @ January 20, 2004

Very Evil! HI love it its great, exelent twisted ending. Its a really good one.

Tor @ January 21, 2004

wonderful. leaves so much of the future open for imagination and fantasy. look forward to other work. thoroughly enjoyed it.

hunsaker @ February 19, 2004

Oooooh, lovely, i love a sweet lil twist, especially when Draco ends up on top.

Phoenixx @ February 21, 2004

Oh, perfect!
I *really* fell in love with that, the vehemence (and longing) of Ron's fantasy, and the brilliant, vicious twist at the end. Awesome. That last line is the thing drabbles were made for!

Thoroughly awed,

Hijja @ May 04, 2004

What a sad, perfect little fic. I loved it very small pieces. Yeah. No, seriously, this sort of left me with a "wow...I think I'm going to go cry now" feeling. Great job.

Madeleine @ May 09, 2004

heehee... evil draco...

Em @ June 07, 2004

PERFECT. Ron is ALWAYS second. And yet he comes back for more. This is the Ron that makes me cry . . . and the Draco that . . . (you can imagine, I'm sure!).

I have read your stuff for ages, and you never miss!

Lise @ January 19, 2005


Jessica @ April 26, 2005

how very perfect, and true! i fully believe that ron is capable of doing all that he describes doing, but draco is just as forceful a person and will not be dominated.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

get the evil duckies
and throw them in the black water
good story
makes sense

avra @ July 11, 2006

Wow! I just know, it`s true... and i love it!

lokiana @ July 30, 2006

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