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October 13, 2003

Categories: Crossovers, Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies. Adrian Mole. Books.

Summary: Girls and politics.

Disclaimer: Rowling, Townsend, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 Crossover challenge.

Prime Minister Pandora Braithwaite and Minister of Magic Hermione Granger met Friday to finalize their One Britain scheme.

"We are pleased," Braithwaite said, "that the wizards of Britain will now become productive members of normal society."

Said Granger: "Wizards must now step forward into the twenty-first century and stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow citizens."

"Together," Braithwaite added, "we will foster a sense of community, forge a single identity, and bring much-needed stability to all the peoples of Britain."

Dumbledore dropped the paper and passed a hand over his forehead. "Fawkes," he said. "Alert the Order. Again."


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*laughs like a mad thing*

@ June 13, 2004

That was absolutlaly brillant so funny and whitty

A guy who loves the idar of draco/harry sex @ July 01, 2004

That was an awsome read but you already new that.

fanficfanatic @ October 07, 2004

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josh @ January 30, 2005

omg, so funny. I luv hermione, she's so perfectly annoying when she want 2 be

Sara @ November 04, 2005