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August 24, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Slash

Rating: R.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Ron/Draco. It's not over.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

It begins in a corridor, both of them hurling insults while Draco advances and Ron retreats, until Ron's back is against the wall and Draco's hands are on Ron.

It continues in a classroom and Ron thinks that Draco Malfoy on his knees, mouth open too wide to sneer, is the sweetest thing that he will ever see.

Ron grins all day, then wakes sweating at 2 AM when he realises that Draco's trapped him.

Draco walks into Ron in between classes and whispers to him as Ron's books fall to the floor. Ron goes where Draco tells him.

Every time, Ron tries to look away, but he can't. He studies Draco, sparse lashes so blond they almost disappear, mouth a smear of colour in the pale, sharp face. Draco's flat grey eyes are fixed on Ron and Ron gets caught by them as he comes, staring back while his whole body shakes.

They hate each other a little more than they hate themselves, Ron knows, and that's why they're here. But hatred is exhausting and Ron is beginning to look a little pale himself.

It's over when Ron tells Draco that it's over, muttering the words while he fumbles his robes back into order.

Later, Goyle holds Ron's arms behind his back and Crabbe punches him in the stomach so hard Ron thinks he'll die before he can catch his breath. They leave him slumped against the wall. Draco hits Ron across the face once, open-handed. "It's not over until I say it's over," he says. Ron's lip is bleeding.

It's not over.

Nights, Ron thinks about arms around him and a mouth against his own and it's not Draco that he sees. Afternoons, Draco sucks him off and Ron thinks about smashing Draco's face in. But he knows he won't. Ron's not good enough for what he wants, but he's good enough for this. Draco may be a cocksucker, but Ron's a coward.

It continues.


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Oh my...awww! That was so sad!
I really like your potrayal of the characters, though. Cool stuff!

Candy Button @ September 17, 2003

omg! it soooo made me wanna hug ron! the poor baby!
but seriously u ar soooooo freakin good at the short stories...the effusion of the charachters emotion in such few words is pun intended...
so all i have to say is

rock on!

kharabeet @ March 07, 2004

that wasn't bad.

spike @ April 02, 2004

Wot a bunch of cocksuckers!(no offence meant) (well, not much) Absolutely no offence meant to Draco - He's my baby! Grrrrrrrrr...

d evil squirrel! @ June 03, 2004

Terribly clever, I think-- and the line about Draco's mouth being too wide open to sneer was truly delectable. The last line was wonderfully wry.

Aileen Asphodel @ September 15, 2004

ooohhhhhh...that hurt BAD. so canonical. as i've said before, draco cannot be dominated. unless, perhaps, he happens to love you--but draco will never love ron. it just doesn't work. (if somebody knows of a fic that can prove this pairing works as far as the love is concerned, please do refer me to it.) ron cannot be the one in control in this pairing.

"Ron's not good enough for what he wants, but he's good enough for this." that line was so effective. it just broke my heart.

so well-written. i bow before your greatness.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

aaaw :/ Poor Ron :'(
very good;)

Kristina @ August 25, 2005

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