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April 29, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Protest.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 Sorting Hat Challenge.

It must stop, he said. Sorting is detrimental to students. Placing them in Houses based on supposed traits prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Sign here, he said. We're demanding the abolishment of the current Houses and adopting a strict alphabetical division, or perhaps a standard deviation based on academic achievement, putting everyone on an even footing.

I'll get more parchment, he said. When he didn't return, they went looking.

He was lying on the ground, strange burns across his forehead. They brought him around.

What petition? he said.

He wore his Ravenclaw scarf the rest of the year.


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Shelby @ August 05, 2003

Interesting. At first I thought it was Hermione.

Lady Belladonna Noire @ March 16, 2004

hahaha! that was funny!

Em @ June 07, 2004

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