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March 26, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Slash

Rating: PG13.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Harry/Draco. Mirror, mirror.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 Mirror of Erised challenge.

Harry pulled him into the room. "It's here." Pushed him in front of the mirror. "Look."

Draco looked. He saw his father on his knees, weeping and begging forgiveness. He saw Voldemort, dead by Draco's own hand, crumbling into dust at his feet.

He saw himself, wand drawn, great and powerful. Death Eaters bowing to him, wizards cowering. Muggles dying as he purified the world.

Draco smiled.

"What do you see?" Harry asked.

Draco turned and touched Harry's cheek. "I see you."


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Oooh. Evil Draco! I *loved* the kicker at the end - it put the icing on the cake. No longer is he predictably and straightforwardly evil, as his dream for the future implies; he's also deceptive and strangely attractive. Ooh.

Amedia @ April 16, 2003

ooh, i like!!! :) I'm a writer too, and that was very very cool!

thaliontariel @ June 10, 2003

it was shit

@ July 18, 2003

"But you really saw me, didn't you darling?"

"Of course, my dearest Shelby. But you do have black hair and the lovliest eyes so the writer probably got mixed up."

"You always were so sweet, my handsome dragon..."

*Door closes*

Shelby @ August 05, 2003

Well, I don't like this kind of story...
But, I have to admit that this one is really interesting and "touching", really...
In a really few words, we can understand the whole thing... The true love that Harry feel for Draco, and what is the more important thing for Draco and how he knows to use Harry... How he's cold, and how love doesn't exist in his world and in his heart...
Realistic in a way...
I don't know why, but I like it...


Babydracky @ October 20, 2003

I like fanfiction where Draco is good but it was very Evil at the end :[ I like it! :]

Becky @ November 25, 2003

This has to be the third time I've read this one and I still love it (that's rare, btw). Well done.

midnight succubus @ February 03, 2004

I think this is a very reallystic Draco.Because he knows what he is and... well, acepts it.

Diana @ February 22, 2004

I don't usually like dark or unhappy endings...but this was well-written, compact & to the (cruel) point. Very effective. I guess I can be sort of happy that at least Draco didn't see himself killing or hurting *Harry*, so maybe he really does care...*whimpers while looking for the silver lining* Oh, I just realized how odd it is that I don't care if Draco kills Muggles or takes over the world as long as he *really* loves Harry & wants to be with him. Hmmm....

countessvorkosigan @ March 05, 2004

Beautiful. Draco.

Briel @ March 05, 2004

I *loved* it. It simple and short yet it tells so much... This is the Draco I like ^^

Koh @ March 05, 2004

That was simultaneously beautiful and horrifying.

Draco was devious in a way that was completely believable, yet disappointing (I’m an avid Draco fan) and Harry was heartbreakingly oblivious.

And that last line…just hit me in the chest like a ton of bricks; I actually saw stars for a moment. To use so few words to say so much is incredible, and I want to sincerely thank you for the most beautiful words that I have read in a long time.

Dawn @ March 05, 2004

I have rarely, if ever, read a drabble that was every bit as satisfying as full-length novel. But this one said *everything* (--is this html-codeable? everything) about Draco and Harry that it had to, and left no more, so to speak. This hits perfect pitch with everything, from the title on. Brilliant, and true.

Gaaah. Gushiness. Sorry, didn't mean to be quite so incoherent. I love it.

Nol @ March 06, 2004

Oh, that *hurt.*

I usually don't like reading such short pieces, but somehow this is perfectly complete.

Larkspur @ March 07, 2004

Tragically short, but I must admit the ending was a swift kick up the arse... and twas lovely. So evilly-sexy, I have goosebumps. Brilliant work ^.^

Mana @ March 09, 2004

This was amazing and beautifully written. As I like to say, "Short and sweet." Great Job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ~Kala

Hopeless Romantic @ April 10, 2004

Feel honored, this is the first feedback I give in the HP fandom. (So far I have mostly been lurking around, trying to decide if I even like HP fiction, reading odd fics here and there.) Anyway, I really like this little drabble. It's so telling... You give a picture of the story in just a hundred words; very few writers manage that. Not usually one for unhappy endings, I give this one thumbs up just because it's so damned believeable. :0) Congrats, now I have to look for more of your fics.


Jeyhawk @ April 16, 2004

I found this through Switchknife's recs, and I have to agree that the only word for this is OUCH. I don't think I've ever seen so many different aspects in so few words. Very well done, this one hurt my heart.

Libby @ April 18, 2004

Very well done. I love it when Draco is evil. I also like it when he's good, or neutral. Hell, I just love Draco when he's in character. Which is true about all your fics that I've read.

Tidbit - my best friend read this and the first thing she thought was "That's so cute! Draco is lying about what he really desires so that Harry will be happy." Just another good way to look at it.

Karachi @ April 18, 2004

Ouch!!!Bloody hell...

Elanor @ May 05, 2004

Ouch!!!Bloody hell...

Elanor @ May 05, 2004

simply brilliant. the greatest hundred words i've ever read.

aurani @ May 07, 2004

Amazingly in-character everybody. I like how Draco resents his father so much that he wants to see him tormented and how Draco knows exactly how to twist any given situation to his own end.

Also, asking someone what they see is a very personal question; Draco handled it v. well.

Brava! Wonderful story.

Sabrina @ May 17, 2004

Oh, gods - that was like an arrow. Straight through the heart. And this amazingly succint slice into what Harry and Draco's relationship might be like - amazing. Simply amazing.

loko @ May 31, 2004


Revenent @ June 09, 2004

Wow. Stunning.

redniteraven @ June 10, 2004

Wow. Stunning.

redniteraven @ June 10, 2004

(the good kind)

Inarae @ June 27, 2004

Sinister. Beautiful. Dark.

All this in so few words! Loved it! :)

remus_black @ July 02, 2004


reglisse @ July 16, 2004

ooohh... evil blonde men are the epitome of sexiness, and deceptive evil blonde men are the zenith. Thank you for this story and many congratulations on mastering the difficult task of creating a fulfilling story within one simple paragraph.

zim'et @ July 18, 2004

ooohh... evil blonde men are the epitome of sexiness, and deceptive evil blonde men are the zenith. Thank you for this story and many congratulations on mastering the difficult task of creating a fulfilling story within one simple paragraph.

zim'et @ July 18, 2004

It was interesting but not my kind of story.

erica @ July 28, 2004

Oh my God.
Is this supposed to be sweet? Because if it is .. omg... it is just sap.
If it's .... something else .. it's still very WOW.
I loved this.

Winnie @ September 13, 2004

Wow awsome I hate sappy happy enddings and so many people give them, this was so clearly evil and I just love it.

@ October 06, 2004

Found this through switchknife. Wow. I didn't read it as Draco lying to Harry because he loves it, I saw it as Draco using Harry for his own means (and doing it brilliantly), but I still loved it (and I am a sap for fluff, moreso than angst). I swear, the breath left me at the last words - so unexpected, and perfect. Wow.

Dragongirl @ October 08, 2004

And I just got the title. Yes, I am slow, why do you ask?

Dragongirl (again) @ October 08, 2004

YAY for Draco if he is choosing Harry over desire
still YAY for Draco if he is an evil dandelion
YAY for you
thats YAY

Jessica @ October 29, 2004


katina @ October 31, 2004

Nice. The only thing about these is they're more-ish and they nedd to be long. LONG I SAY!!!!!!!!! But very clever.

Rose @ December 10, 2004

I read this a long time ago and I absolutely loved it, and I was looking at your site and found it.

I love how their personalities are just right. And the evil twist at the end.

And I love Draco in this fic.

I think this is my favorite out of all of your fics. I don't know why, but this one just has a beautiful, evil, sexy allure to it thats so hard to resist.

Its gorgeous.

Lauren. @ January 01, 2005

That's my boy.

Bunny @ January 02, 2005

It's wonderful... you said so much in a few short sentences. Gorgeous.

Wester @ January 23, 2005

oh. that was...oh. great.

Rei @ January 27, 2005


Margotte @ January 29, 2005

Fuck! That was amazing! A wonderful description of what Draco truly wants and then the ending is amazingly haunting and creepy. Great!!!

Pip @ February 13, 2005

Ungghh... I've read this a long time ago, but I just realized the significance of the title. English is not my first language, so I thought it was just a vocabulary word. I even google searched it. *headdesk*


On a side note, I loved it. Evil!Draco certainly has its charm.

Napolde @ March 07, 2005

hitler draco! *muahaha*

Garnet @ April 09, 2005

ay, another punchy one...ouch again. i've been saying "ouch" a lot reading your fics. the pain is going to become chronic if i'm not careful. this is completely brilliant, though. i love fics where you take some small bit of magic and explore the possibilities for it, like your fics that center on patronuses and pensieves. this is no exception. SO powerful.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

Wow, if I were feeling Chola-rific right now, I'd go, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! BUUUUUUUURN!!!!!" but since I'm feeling intelligent I'll just say "Clever and Brilliant!"


Draconia @ May 16, 2005

I found you through Switchknife's recs, and she was right when she said that this packed a punch.

What strikes me as brilliant is how utterly *perfect* it is. Draco is so...Draco, and Harry, from what we can tell, is quite himself as well. *Gorgeous*, I hope you don't mind if I rec it to all my friends ^^

Kae @ July 19, 2005

*winces* Ouch. That was utterly fantastic though.
The last line just makes me whimper.

Sara @ July 29, 2005

Woooow.... so much depth in that.... It's so.... real.

T-T @ September 08, 2005

Ohh.. Evil Draco. I liked it. :D

Zara @ September 21, 2005

I believe, Ouch, is the word. Very potent stuff.

smoo @ October 10, 2005

Love it. :D I absolute adore inloveiwithDraco!Harry and usingHarry!Draco. And I hardly ever see it, woe.

Kurla @ December 11, 2005

that was gorgeously evil!

it although very short left me almost breathless,
good job!

Marie @ January 03, 2006

This just grabs at your heart suddenly, and clutches for so much longer than should be possible. Wonderful.

Taylor @ March 11, 2006

Yeah go Draco! Be the evil,yet very hawt,slut you were born to be!

Brooke @ August 02, 2006

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