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March 18, 2003

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Draco. A dare.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Notes: For the hp100 First Time challenge.

Draco went to London on a dare. No wand, no broom, no Floo powder, just some Muggle money (fifty pounds) in his pocket and Harry's words ("you'd be lost, Malfoy") ringing in his ears.

He wasn't lost. He had only to stay for the afternoon. But he had to buy something, or nobody (Harry) would believe him.

Draco joined a queue, bought a ticket for some sort of play. The stub would do for proof.

The lights went down. The curtain rose. The trailers rolled. The movie started. Draco's mouth dropped open.

Three days later, Draco was still in London.


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It seems like most of your HP fic has come recently. That means you're currently obsessed? I really frickin' hope so.

I have wondered a lot about wizards and the muggle world. This was sort of like a tiny hit of crack for me because of that.

I could see the look on Draco's face when the movie started. lol

Kassie @ April 27, 2003

i dont get it dude

NC @ June 29, 2003

This was cool! I really liked the end. Very cute! like Kas said I can just see his face!

@ July 11, 2003

but what everyone else doesn't get it is that the only reason draco stayed in london for 3 days is because i went to go see that movie with him. but we didn't watch the movie...

Shelby @ August 05, 2003

That so sooo cute.

I love London...I suffer from constant abstinence when I'm not there. Which is pretty much all of the time, since I've been there for a total of 15 days...

This is the best part, I say:

"The lights went down. The curtain rose. The trailers rolled. The movie started. Draco's mouth dropped open.

Three days later, Draco was still in London."

Ylva @ January 19, 2004

v v v gud! we like v v v much!

d evil squirrel! @ June 03, 2004

Some of your fics I love because I detest the possibility of it actually happening so much. They're like watching a car crash: facinating, cool, and absolutely horrifying.
Some of them I love because they fill me up with warm fuzzys and I just want to cuddle up on the couch with a stuffed annimal afterwards.
In both instances, the fics are absolute perfection.

Inarae @ June 27, 2004

Yes! That's fantastic! I feel I truely am on the same wavelength for your way of thinking and writing. Oh, I like this one a lot. Well done.

Shikala @ September 07, 2004

its really amazing what you can do with a few words. *clapphands*


sam @ November 09, 2004

That is tres cool. I can just imagine it...

~Enca :)

Encaitare @ February 19, 2005

heyy!! that was groovy. the last couple of sentences were just so great. i love how you can say so much in so few words, by allowing us to read between the lines, as that tired old phrase goes.

i have never liked drabbles that much before today, but as you can probably see from all the comments you've been getting in the last hour, i definitely like YOUR drabbles very much.

elsie @ April 27, 2005

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed gen as much as I enjoy slash. :)

Sara @ July 29, 2005

Love this!!

Malihini @ July 07, 2006

What? Was he watching what I think he was watching? O.o

Brooke @ August 02, 2006

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