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December 15, 2002

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Harry Potter, Slash

Rating: R for M/M sexual situations.

Fandom/Spoilers: Harry Potter. Books and movies.

Summary: Marcus/Oliver. Dreams, reality.

Disclaimer: Rowling, not me.

Flint hates Wood. He dreams about him every night, flying dreams with sticky awakenings. When he sees Wood in the halls, he walks into him or gives him a shove. Wood doesn't push back, he just looks at Flint before he walks away. Flint watches down the hall until he's gone.

One day there's no one else around. Flint pushes Wood and before he knows what's happening, he's slammed against the wall, Wood's hands curled in the front of his robe.

Flint is going to smile but then Wood is kissing him and Flint's mouth is open. Flint has a sore place on his palate and it hurts when Wood's tongue touches it. Wood's hands are inside Flint's robes now, on the front of his trousers, and Flint can't seem to stop him, can't stop himself getting hard, arching his hips.

Something drops through Flint, hot and heavy like molten lead, and he can't stop that either. When Wood walks away, Flint slides to the ground. He's sticky.

Next time Flint sees Wood in the halls, Wood gives him a shove before he walks away.


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ah, the tangled threads of lust and love...

Shelby @ August 05, 2003

Just great...
Some people say that you can handle a person when you have his **** in your hands... It seems true...

Babydracky @ October 20, 2003

Your boys are so cute and boyish with the shovin' and stuff. Hot hot hot! :D
Love this pairing, Marcus is such a bad boy.

whorly @ May 18, 2004

ee! so cutttte.

alli @ August 17, 2004

mmmmmm, delicious.

@ August 26, 2004

I find in alot of your stories that the shoe is on the other foot. Oliver becomes the (slight) bad guy while Marcus is a bit confused. I find that it makes that story that bit motre intriguing than any of the other fanfics out there

BlackCat9 @ September 07, 2004

this reminds me of that other story, where it's the other way Oliver drops a flower on Marcus "by mistake" and then they jac of and he does that every day....yep good times good times!

Age @ May 01, 2006

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