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August 19, 1999

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Humour, X-Files

Rating: PG13.

Fandom/Spoilers: X-Files. S6.

Summary: Scully. Getting on with it.

Disclaimer: CC, 1013, Fox, not me.

Notes: A snarky little response to a "Where's Scully in this M/Sk fic?" question.

When Mulder resigned, Scully's first reaction had been to go to him, to convince him to stay. That he couldn't just give up.

Then she remembered: she'd done that before.

And what had it gotten her? More grief, more injury, more "sure, I *say* I trust you, Scully, but I trust Diana more because she let me get into her pants."

So she requested a transfer. To San Diego.

She spent time with Bill and Tara, she enjoyed her new position, she found a great apartment. She called Detective Kresge and asked him out. All in all, life was good.

Sure, she still had issues to deal with. You don't let someone twine his way into your life, like ivy growing up a building, and not suffer some damage when you yank him out.

But for that, there was therapy.


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I hate it

@ July 11, 2003

Yay, Scully!^^

Lacey R. Odell @ July 12, 2003

Hehehe... I hate it too, of course, but it did make me laugh. :)

@ February 16, 2005

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