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July 20, 1999

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Humour, Slash, Star Wars

Rating: PG13.

Fandom/Spoilers: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Summary: Drabble. Love in Cloud City.

Disclaimer: George Lucas, not me.

"How long has it been? Five years?"

"Too long." *pause* "You're looking well."

"Bounty hunting's good. And you -- still the Emperor's right hand."

"You always believed in me."

"Black really suits you."

*chuckle* "Thank you."

"How long til we have the prisoners?"

"Long enough."

*pause* *touch* "You want to..."

"Yes. Yes."

*thump* *crash* *kisskisskiss* *moan* *slurp* *yesyesyesyesyes*

*cuddle* *spoon*

"Why don't we do this more often?" *stroke*

"The Emperor keeps me busy." *smooch* "When this job is done, we'll go away together."

"Promise, Ani?"

"Promise, Kitster." *sigh* "We should get dressed."

*rustle* *clank*

"That's my helmet."


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*giggles at the madness/randomness*
Hehe, cute! Simple, short, to the point, and not graphic. :-D
"That's my helemet."
This was great, thanks for the laugh!

Kris @ February 16, 2004

hehe. sound effects rawk!
way cute

kharabeet @ April 10, 2004

Great sound effects! Loved the last line!

Em @ June 25, 2004

Yay! There's not much Fett/Vader out there, and I love any little bit I can find. ^_^ Happy happy.

Helen @ November 05, 2004

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