Remember, Remember

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November 5, 1998

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Pendrell, Slash, X-Files

Rating: G.

Fandom/Spoilers: X-Files. No spoilers.

Summary: Skinner/Pendrell. Guy Fawkes Day drabble.

Disclaimer: CC, 1013, Fox, not me.

"Why am I in your lab, Daniel?"

Pendrell held up a small stuffed doll with a bad haircut and glasses.

"Backyard bonfires are against the city ordinances, so we're using my Bunsen Burner for the Guy." He turned up the flame. "Say good-bye to Bill, Walter."


"The fifth of November. Gunpowder treason and plot."

"Daniel, do the words 'Boston Tea Party' mean anything to you?"

"How about the words 'General Protection Fault'?"

"Go ahead."

"A stick and a stake for Steve Jobs' sake."

The doll wouldn't burn but Pendrell's Mac started to smoke...


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