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July 22, 1998

Categories: Drabbles & Shorts, Femslash, Humour, X-Files

Rating: PG.

Fandom/Spoilers: X-Files. No spoilers.

Summary: Scully gets a phonecall.

Disclaimer: CC, 1013, Fox, not me.

Notes: On the Scully Slash list, three different stories paired Scully up with women named Alex. This was my response.

Scully nudged the office door open with her foot, carefully balancing the take-out coffee cups on top of each other, the paper sack of bagels tucked under her arm.

"Mulder, here's your latte." She set the top cup down onto his desk.

"Thanks." He didn't look up.

More from habit than frustration, Scully rolled her eyes.

"Bagel?" The bag crackled as she opened it and held it out to Mulder.


At least he'd glanced in her general direction. What was wrong with him this time? Aliens abducted his fish? Aliens hadn't abducted his fish because aliens don't exist? George Lucas moved back the opening date of the prequel?

"*mumble mumble* message *mumble*"

"What was that, Mulder?"

"I said 'You have a phone message, Scully.'" And he bent his head back down, hiding behind the file folders he'd piled up like a little fort.

Scully crossed to her work area, sipping her latte. In the middle of the clean space lay a pink message pad. None of the blanks were filled in, no phone number, no date, no time, just a few lines scrawled in the message area in green felt-tip.


Alex called. Do you have time for dinner? Call back.


Turning over the note, she searched in vain for a phone number. Great, she thought.

"Um, Mulder, was this from Agent Alex? I don't think I remember her local."

Mulder shot his reply over the walls of his fort. "No."

Too bad, she thought. A little more R&R with that woman would suit me just fine.

"Professor Alex then? We had some more 'research' to go over." Smart is very sexy, Scully remembered.

Another "no" catapulted from Mulder.

"Dr Alex? It will be nice to see her again." Where did I put those glasses?

Mulder flung yet another "no" at her.

"Help me out here, Mulder. Alex who?" Scully ran through a list of names in her mind: Lee, Perrin, Kaz, Jadzia (*mmm*), Holly...no more Alexes that she could recall.

He shot her a look of such pure venom that it shocked her and poured out his response like boiling oil over the castle wall. "I think you know."

And then she did know, a blush staining her cheeks. Oops.


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I feel like I should write more, being the first one to comment on this, but "chuckle" just sums my feelings up so well...perhaps I should could it to a "chortle"? Or a "smirk"

Inarae @ June 27, 2004

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